Mini OLSB Stand alone mini OLSB now available


Stand alone mini OLSB now available

The Mini Output Logic Switching Box is now available as a stand – alone unit.

The reason for this development was to offer a smaller more practical unit to fulfil our customer requirements when space is at a premium and fewer outputs are required.

Measuring a compact 31 x 31 x 15cm when in operation and mounted in its own shockproof case means the unit is vastly scaled down on its predecessor.  The only difference being is a 4 channel output rather than 16 channels but still retaining the same capability and compatibility with the IDEA software.

However should the user wish for more channel outputs multiple units can be connected together via the dual RS232 inputs on the rear of the unit to give a maximum of 16 channel outputs in total.  All outputs can be individually assigned acting as 16 separate channels.

The relay outputs are standard 3 way panel mount bayonet type fittings allowing existing cabling to be used and end devices can be connected through 25 meter extensions.

The issue that used to exist of matching the correct barrier driver to the required shut down solenoid has been attended to and the Mini Output Logic Switching Box can be supplied with a 345 bar IS solenoid and respective driver already installed inside the unit to offer a complete solution to the user.

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