Datacast Real time rig data - anywhere in the world


Real time rig data - anywhere in the world
Deepwater drilling or drilling deep and hot. Whatever the environment, if the decisions need to be made now to save on rig costs, and you need to deliver real time data to more engineers than can easily be accommodated offshore, then Fardux DataCast is the solution that you have been looking for.

DataCast will deliver the data from the Wellsite to your desktop in the format of your choice - selecting your reporting formats, your plot requirements and exporting the data of your choosing for analysis on your office computer as it happens.

All that is required is internet access, a URL and a user name and password. No software installation is necessary and as long as you stay connected, the Wellsite data from the Rig will be delivered to a local cache on your computer in real time. Even if you only log on periodically, the local cache will compare what it has already with what the Rig Server has now and deliver the difference, saving connection time and delivering the data fast.

When the job is finished DataCast becomes a data historian via our offline facility, allowing you access to your data long after the job has rigged down.

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