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Wired/Wireless Hybrid Logger
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Introducing Fardux's latest addition to our collection of data loggers; with a combination wired and wireless product features Cube offers the best of both solutions.

In today’s choice driven market, we at Fardux know how important it is to have options available for discerning clients, out of the box and ready to go. We recognised that different markets require different solutions, according to technical challenges and commercial sensitivities, and for this reason we have developed our most versatile data logger to date.

Fardux have always been well known for the high-level technical products and solutions that we offer, and the Cube Hybrid is no different, combining the best of both wired reliability with wireless remote connectivity.

Our wireless gateway technology, Airwave, is now well established. Airwave subscribes to WirelessHART protocols, and the content rich information from the transducer that this delivers. The embedded firmware is browser accessible and programmed on a single board computer running Linux on an ARM processor. Power consumption and footprint are small, affording economies of space saving and power requirement reduction.

The wired side of the Cube is facilitated by 4 to 20 mA inputs, via a single safety barrier which is able to accommodate up to eight channels of auto-detected inputs (either analogue or pulse) and a collector. Output is via MODBUS to the host PC.

The Cube software is a feature controlled application, allowing our clients further choices when it comes to selecting functionality. The cube application software has been specifically designed to compute both wireless and wired inputs via either TCP/ IP Ethernet or MODBUS, riding on RS485 simultaneously without restriction on input channel control.

The time tried and tested Fardux software functionality, as well as look and feel are very much in evidence with the Cube Hybrid. At the same time, new and exciting interfaces have been employed to deliver alternate innovative solutions to data logging.

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