Hardware Calibration & Repair

Our highly skilled engineers will ensure your data acquisition equipment is up-to-date, certified, and ready to deploy.

Occasionally your equipment may need a little attention to get it back to peak performance, giving both yourself and the end used the assurance that the reported data is as accurate as possible.

Fardux in both the United kingdom and Dubai locations offer a range of services from calibration through to equipment repairs and enhancements.

All our calibration equipment is UKAS certified.

Fardux calibrate, repair, up-grade and refurbish any of our hardware products ranging from individual cards, to full logger refurbishment. Most re calibration and repairs can normaly be  performed within 7-10 working days.

For upgrades and refurbishments Fardux offer a no obligation quotation service, simply return the equipment to Fardux and we will give you a fully itemised quotation for work to be carried out.

All re-calibrated and refurbished equipment is returned with a full documentation pack giving full details of the work carried out as well as a record of all the equipment used to perform the work.

Selected products

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"The Fardux team provide a solid product.  They also provide excellent customer support regardless of the area of Operation.  They are team players and I have witnessed them first hand working with employees to find solutions when problems arise on the job site day or night.  They are top notch professionals, I have no problem recommending them to any company seeking quality data collection and transmission services"

Lonny Tucker, Expro

"I have been using the equipment from Fardux since the early 90's and it has always done exactly what is stated on the box.  Works first time and is the Ferrari of data gathering equipment in my opinion.  I have used it all over the globe, in all manner of conditions, and it is rugged, bullet proof and works as described.  The simplicity of installation and operation is it's forte"

Mark Satchell, Operations Manager and Senior Data Acquisition Engineering Consultant

"Fardux always give timely responses and work over the phone or e-mails to help work through any problems we have encountered to ensure that actions are taken to remedy the issues. I have called on Fardux several times over the past 15-years from remote exploration work sites and Fardux personnel always make themselves available to work through the issues"


Livia Hogan , Expro
"Fardux get the job done with quality and class"     

Abdullah Tanira, F.O.C