Equipment Rentals

Renting your equipment from us provides a number of benefits

  • Saves you time by providing off the shelf calibrated equipment

  • Avoids capital expense for short term contracts

  • Can be used to evaluate equipment before purchasing

  • You get the most up to date equipment and software available 

  • Keeps projects on schedule and avoids turning jobs away


Fardux offers an extensive inventory of rental equipment to meet your company’s needs. We offer flexible terms ranging from a few days to a 12 month contract period.


As well as equipment rental we can also provide fully qualified data acquisition engineers to operate the equipment. This can be a full data acquisition specialist or a qualified data acquisition operator.


If your contract period unexpectedly extends and you wish to keep the equipment, we can then offer you a purchase option where you can pay a reduced amount of the full purchase price and you then own the equipment.


Our current rental hardware offerings include:

IDEA Enterprise 24 channel data acquisition system

IDEA LITE 12 channel data acquisition system

All data logger systems include a standard set of transducers which include:


1 X Wellhead pressure transducer, 1 X wellhead temperature transducer, 1 X annulus pressure transducer

1 X Gas static Pressure transducer, 1 X Gas differential Pressure transducer, 

1 X Gas temperature transducer, 1 X Oil temperature transducer


3 X fluid measurement (Pre amplifiers or MC11+) depending on availability, 1 X Computer system c/w software dongle.  Additional transducers are available on request.


SandSnoop single and dual head

OLSB 16 channel system


Mini OLSB 4 channel system

MLI multiple logger interface


Sounder and beacon alarm skids

Transducer sets


WITS extender boxes

Client station PC's and dongles


All of our equipment is highly maintained and is shipped with a full calibration and documentation package.

All transducers and computer systems are shipped in custom lined pelican cases to offer maximum protection during transit.

If your required equipment is not on our list please contact us as in many cases we can make this equipment available in a very short time frame. For further information and to receive a quotation please contact us:

Selected products

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"The Fardux team provide a solid product.  They also provide excellent customer support regardless of the area of Operation.  They are team players and I have witnessed them first hand working with employees to find solutions when problems arise on the job site day or night.  They are top notch professionals, I have no problem recommending them to any company seeking quality data collection and transmission services"

Lonny Tucker, Expro

"I have been using the equipment from Fardux since the early 90's and it has always done exactly what is stated on the box.  Works first time and is the Ferrari of data gathering equipment in my opinion.  I have used it all over the globe, in all manner of conditions, and it is rugged, bullet proof and works as described.  The simplicity of installation and operation is it's forte"

Mark Satchell, Operations Manager and Senior Data Acquisition Engineering Consultant

"Fardux always give timely responses and work over the phone or e-mails to help work through any problems we have encountered to ensure that actions are taken to remedy the issues. I have called on Fardux several times over the past 15-years from remote exploration work sites and Fardux personnel always make themselves available to work through the issues"


Livia Hogan , Expro
"Fardux get the job done with quality and class"     

Abdullah Tanira, F.O.C